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Since 1889 Henningsen Foods has been providing the food processing industry with specialty egg, meat and poultry products.  Each of these products is designed with flavor, functionality and texture in mind.  We are committed to providing excellent customer service, technical assistance and on-time delivery to all of our customers!



Nutritious Pork Organ Powders

Henningsen Foods announces the offering of powdered pork livers, hearts and kidneys that are hormone-free, antibiotic-free and from vegetarian-fed animals.  These fully cooked organ meats are human food grade quality, prepared from USDA inspected raw materials in USDA inspected plants and are 100% natural.  All three powders are excellent sources of high quality protein and are nutritionally complete.  For more information please contact Dave Slaughter, Technical Services, at 402-350-0861.

Our products deliver the flavor and texture that you desire for a delicious tasting meal.  Head to our Meat and Poultry page to check out all the products we have to offer.


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