egg whites

bowl of dehydrated egg whites

Useful in binding whipping and baking applications. Typically, 1 pound of dry egg white (albumen) with 7 pounds of water equals 8 pounds of liquid egg white. Excellent shelf stability.

P-110 #407 - Non-whipping egg white with all egg white proteins in natural proportion. Useful for binding and baking applications.

P-19-J #428 - Whipping egg white without additives for use in bakery and confectionary applications.

P-20 #430 - Egg white with whipping for angel food cakes and meringue properties. Neutral pH and contains sodium lauryl sulfate as whipping aid.



Value-Added Egg Whites


P-39 #475 - Egg white having good gelation and binding properties. pH is similar to fresh liquid egg white. Forms a translucent gel.

M-200 #417 - Egg white having high gel strength and binding properties that provide increased structure, improved mouth-feel and moisture holding; perfect for gluten-free formulations.

P-200 #483 (egg white & soy lecithin) & #485 (egg white & sunflower lecithin) - A high quality instant egg white protein that is sugar and fat-free.  Excellent hydration properties that are perfect for sports/nutritional beverages and dietary control.

EP-1 #400 (Hydrolyzed Egg White) - Egg white peptides function as antioxidants for salad dressings and cold salads to prevent color and flavor change during storage. Will not coagulate when heated and retorted.

EP – 2 #412 (Hydrolyzed Egg White) - Egg white peptides with no bitter taste. Useful for protein fortification of foods such as nutrition bars and sports drinks. Shows similar rehydration properties as instantized egg whites.

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