dehydrated whole eggs

dehydrated whole eggsW-1 #210 - Whole egg without any additives. Useful in baked goods, noodles, and mayonnaise.

W-1-FF #222 - Whole egg with sodium silicoaluminate added as an anticaking agent for improved flow properties and ehnanced rehydration properties.

W-2 #225 - A whole egg stabilized by removing natural glucose. Useful in dry mixes requiring long shelf life or flavor sensitive applications.

W-2-FF #226 - W-2 product containing sodium silicoaluminate as a free flow agent to improve flow properties.

Hentex-20 #320 - Whole egg fortified with yolk and corn syrup. Imparts improved richness to cakes, soft cookies and doughnuts.

Hentex-10 #310 - Whole egg and corn syrup. Useful in cookies and cakes.

Hentex-76 #376 - Whole egg, soy flour, corn syrup, salt and lecithin. Useful in yeast doughs, cookies and cakes.

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