Beef and Pork Products

Meat Products: Beef and Pork

* Our Beef and pork products can be customized with different antioxidants or natural flavoring to preserve freshness.

Dehydrated Beef

Powdered Cooked Beef Type 4 #900
Full beef flavor with no additives

Powdered Beef Fat with Broth AR #904

Shredded Beef #906
Clean-label Beef item

Chunk Style Cooked Beef #913
Cooked Beef & Salt

Rendered Beef Fat
– #920 (30lb pail), #921 (225lb drum)
– Stable at room temperature

Beef Extract
* Type 2 #918 – Maltodextrin, Beef Extract & Canola Oil
* Type 4 #923 – Beef extract

Beef Broth B #919
Beef bone stock

Beef Liver Powder #650
Ideal for “human-grade” pet foods

*Other beef items available upon request*

Dehydrated Meat Beef & Pork

Dehydrated Pork

Chorizo Style Cooked Sausage #634
Cooked Pork, Salt, Spices, Apple Cider Vinegar, Natural Flavoring